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It looks like real gold...because it is! It looks and feels like real gold, because it is real gold . . . .24k Gold
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Our Story

It all started with a strive for perfection.  A lengthy trial & error electrochemical process that eventually evolved into a remarkable creation.  Ultimately, we produced the first artfully-crafted, 24-karat gold plated, classic bowtie.  Designed to be worn with confidence and class.

Each bowtie is unique.  We carefully design and craft each one by hand to become a wearable work of art.  Considered by some, to be more of a jewelry item than a clothing accessory.

How often is the Groom's attire a consideration?  Of course, the Bride is the center of the day.  But why can’t the Groom or even the Best Man and Groomsmen dazzle?  We can even customize your bowties to compliment the wedding colors.  Eventually, your bowtie will become a classic family heirloom.

Maybe a College graduation gift?  Aggie Maroon, Texas Burnt Orange, Notre Dame Blue & Gold, Oregon Green & Yellow, TCU Purple…the options are endless.

Ladies and gentlemen, we hope you will wear your bowtie for a special occasion or simply add a little class to your favorite formal or casual look.