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It looks like real gold...because it is! It looks and feels like real gold, because it is real gold . . . .24k Gold
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Are they heavy?

They weigh a little more than a regular bowtie. About 36 grams.  A regular bowtie weights about 18 grams.  The difference is equal to about 1/2 an ounce, or 3 US quarters ($0.75).  It's definitely not enough to notice.

Do they bend or break?

Yes they can bend, if you're not careful.  The 24k gold layer is applied over a thick layer of pure nickel to make them more durable.  They aren't fragile, but they can still bend.  So be careful.  Just like you would with an expensive watch or piece of jewelry.  And yes, they can break. If you step on one, it will break.  So don't step on it.

Are there different sizes?

Youth and child sizes available by special request.  Larger sizes available as well!

Do you allow custom orders?

Please contact us through the contact page to discuss a custom order.  We will be happy to produce bowties for your special occasion using your fabric selection.  We are excited to work with wedding planners as well as the bride and groom to help make your day exceptional.  Don’t forget proms, graduations, any special occasion that calls for a special bowtie to match your color scheme!

What are the markings on the back?

Stamps of Authenticity: The careful observer will notice four sets of numbers and symbols on the back of every hand crafted bowtie.  Two on one end and two on the other. 

One end shows the 24k Gold stamp and the Shanklin Bowtie logo.     


The other end shows the month and year the bowtie was created.     

Is there a processing time?

We strive to ship all orders within three business days.  During busier times and holidays all orders are shipped within 7 business days.  Custom orders may take a little longer.  For more info, please email us at:

Do you offer express shipping? 

We offer FREE Priority USPS shipping.  It has been our experience, on most shipments, Priority Mail delivers in 2-5 days to domestic destinations.  USPS express 1-day is available upon request.  We ship internationally as well. 

Do you allow returns?

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please return the package within 10 days for a full refund.  Return shipping is the responsibility of the customer.

Why do I need a Certificate of Authenticity?

We are currently the only maker of a real 24k gold bowtie.  It is our belief that if someone else, like China, decides to try and duplicate it, their copy will never meet the impeccable quality of a handmade Shanklin BowTie.  We provide a C of A inorder to insure that standard of quality and that it is in fact, a Shanklin BowTie original.